About us

Information is a public good

Investigations by Disclose in France and abroad are intended to have a tangible social impact. They are devoted to six major themes: financial crime, environmental crimes, agribusiness, Humans rights and fundamental freedoms, public health and social justice.

Teams of two to four journalists, supervised by an editor, investigate a topic assigned to them by an independent editorial board. They have several months to complete their investigations. 

Disclose investigations are distributed in the same week and in multiple formats across several media outlets:

  • Publication of the written investigation on the site disclose.ngo
  • Podcasts
  • Short video clips summarizing investigations, exclusive testimonies, 20 to 55 minute-long documentaries that are easy to share on social media
  • Our photographs will be posted on disclose.ngo and may also be exhibited in public institutions, as well as in the street, as part of tem- porary installations in order to reach a wider audience.

The end result is published on the disclose.ngo website with free, open access, as well as in partnermediaoutlets,alsowithoutopenaccess. Our partners already includeleading Frenchin- investigative website Mediapart, National broadcaster Radio France and leading online video news platform Konbini. We already have an outreach of several million viewers, readers and listeners.

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