Leaks to Disclose

Contact us by Secure Drop to reveal public interest information

Disclose is committed to publishing articles based on confidential information of public interest, the knowledge of which must be brought to the attention of citizens.

If you are aware of information that is damaging to the public interest and plan to take action, you can contact us and securely share information with us. Our goal: to allow the publication of information essential to public debate, while ensuring maximum security to our sources.

If you wish to communicate with us anonymously, you can contact us via SECURE DROP. With our SecureDrop server, you can send sensitive messages or documents to our journalists without revealing your identity, and we can send you messages.

Here's how to do.

  1. Start by connecting your personal computer to a non-public Wi-Fi network. Download the browser TOR

  2. You can access our SecureDrop server by going to: http://eexekfp2ye4h643c.onion from TOR. This URL only works on TOR.

  3. You are on our Secure Drop. From there, follow the instructions. 

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