Become Discloser

Disclose aims to build a community of journalists and «Disclosers».

An annual 40- euro donation gives Disclosers the right to appoint by vote two members of the board of directors. This is unprecedented in France. They will safeguard our independence. But members are far more than just nancial donors, they are part of community of people keen to uphold the principles of equity, transparency and accuracy.

Our wish is to rebuild trust between journalists and readers, to involve them when looking for sources as part of the research process for our investigation and to use their own areas of expertise. Our investigation instigators will be able to propose topics of investigation to the editorial committee as part of a consultation process. At Disclose, members are not mere subscribers or news consumers, but rather actors in the media.


Funding for Disclose is exclusively based on a sponsorship model. This model, which promotes independence and journalistic freedom, already exists in the United States (Intercept, ProPublica), Germany (Correctiv), and the United Kingdom (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism). In France, Disclose will be the very first investigative media outlet to embrace this principle. By contributing to the emergence of Disclose, donors support independent journalism and commit to not interfering in editorial choices. Through their donations, they invest in high social impact investigations.

Every two years, donors elect two delegates to sit on the board of directors. These representatives will ensure the sound management of the funds and take part in the development of Disclose. For the sake of transparency, the accounts of Disclose are made public each year during the general meeting. The accounts are verified by the tax authorities and by an external auditing entity. Disclose publishes an annual report on its activities and funding, as well as on the use of its funds.

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