Though our primary mission is to inform, Disclose considers that its investigations should also have a concrete impact on society.

Disclose is a unique collaboration between lawyers, researchers and civil society in France.  Investigative journalism is - above all - a public service: it reveals the hidden parts of our societies. But in the face of scandals, citizens often feel helpless. We want to empower our readers to lobby decision makers for change. We will transform outrage into citizen action by:

  • Proposing tools to influence democratic life - legal aid, support for access to information.
  • Defending and taking legal action to change legislation so there is greater transparency.
  • Extending our investigations by having a series of articles that highlight tried and tested alternatives.
  • Creating a pool of “investigation launchers.” Any source that has public interest documents in its possession may submit them, anonymously or not, on a secure platform.

Each year, Disclose publishes an impact report related to its investigations.


Citizens all have the legal right to access information regar- ding public policy and private businesses, but many don’t know how or where to look. Disclose will open a “Virtual School for Public Service Journalism.” This free platform offers online tools - video tutorials, a library of resources and stan- dard letters to address public administrations and politicians - to help citizens wishing to claim their right to information. This will include local and national public data, corporate legal information, public procurement procedures after all if journalists are able to browse this data routinely in the course of their work, citizens should also be able to do this. Disclose also offers training on how to protect personal data and se- cure communications.

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